Arizona Dachshunds

State of Arizona

Midernoch Diamond Hilda MS

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Registered: American Kennel Club HP13441401 also registered with Continental & United Kennel Clubs

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Diamond Hilda in garden Diamond Hilda sun basking
Diamond Hilda's first litter

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    Diamond Hilda is the most loving sweetest doxie ever. When she barks it's to say 'Hello, glad to meet you.' All you have to do is say 'Hello' to her and her tail wags non-stop. Helping Hilda with the delivery of her pups was the most amazing experience. Hilda takes such good care of her babies that I'm afraid they are spoiled rotten. When she hears them cry she runs to comfort them, when they fight she runs and stands between them, when they eat she shares and will even let them eat first. Hilda is a better mother than some humans I know. Whom ever adopts her pups will have to continue spoiling them with love just as Diamond Hilda has done.

     Puppy #1 is a red boy.  He has those eyes that say feel sorry for me, and I do because his two sisters love to play rough with him.

     Puppy #2 is a clear red girl.  She, of course, is as sweet as her mother, she wants the company of other dogs all the time and her tail is wagging non-stop with any attention you give her.

     Puppy #3 is red or may be wild boar color (true wild boar can be determined at six months of age only). She is the smaller of the three and prefers human attention over her doggy friends. This little gal may be able to keep up with a family with children.