Arizona Dachshunds

State of Arizona


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Registered: American Kennel Club HP13441401 also registered with Continental & United Kennel Clubs

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Bella Blue Bue 5 weeks

Bella with two of Fritzi's Pups


Bella Blue Bue All grown up


Bella is a very petite little gal and can run and jump like a rabbit...Bella loves everyone who visits and helps out with the puppy baby sitting job..Bella really doesn't make too many demands..The one demand she does make is to sleep with us every night...She won't take no for answer. If I try and make her sleep in the puppy room she just goes outside and barks and barks and barks nonstop. Of course she wins because there are those in the house who have to get up early for work. We love our Bella with all our hearts, she is a sweety.....